Beauty of Annihilation

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Other Jugga Nog

So, we've got a older version of Jugga Nog that we didn't release (we preferred the version that's in the game). But I figured I may as well share it since its doing nothing but taking up space on my hard drive. We did some crazy filtering on the vocals to get that old stereophonic feel.

Which one do you like better?


paul said...

i like this one way better.

Creepydude said...

Yes, I think this one is much better than the other! :)

Brian Tuey said...

lol...two for two. You guys are going to make Craig really happy (he was singing in this one) :)

paul said...

this is a bit off topic from the alternative jugga nog jingle but what inspired you to have this kind of little girl crying theme?

what i mean is you hear the little girl crying everywhere, then she laughs when you get the bear.
was this just put in for atmosphere or was there some kind of plot going on, maybe this little girl was tortured in the asylum?

Brian Tuey said...

Yeah...I was thinking about adding a thread that's just for comments and random questions from you guys...maybe I'll do that on Monday.

Anyway, part of Zombie Mode is figuring out what is going on.

Here are a few other examples...

What relevance do the numbers have on the walls in Asylum? Is that a bible verse on the wall? Do those squiggles mean anything?

Who is banging on the doors in the water room, and why do the Marines not try to rescue him (or her) ?
Why would Nazi's be in an asylum, anyway?
Who (or what) is this Devil voice we keep hearing, and why does he (it) continually throw us bones (power-ups)?
Why were there Marines in Berlin after the war?
Who is Teddy and why is he a liar? And who wrote that message? And who was it written for?
And your very good question...who is this little girl?

Maybe its all just ambience or maybe its all coincidence. Or maybe, there's something unexplained going on here...

What do you think?

paul said...
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paul said...

i never really noticed anyone banging on the doors in the water room,next time i play i am going to do a lot more investigating to check out a few of these things.

some of the things you mentioned i assumed were for ambiance, although i recall seeing the teddy bear in other cod's so there may be some back story for that.
About the devil, i always figured that the voices were all the marines imagination and this is partly why they are in the sanatorium.
the little girls laughter seems symbolic in a way? not to sure on what though, maybe innocent people were sent to this asylum.

(on a side note,has anyone in charge of Nazi zombies ever thought of a universal ammo crate? it would certainly be a good add on to the game.)

thanks, paul

Anonymous said...

Jugger, jugger, jugger, jugger, jugger... JUGGERNOG!

Anonymous said...

Now, I've heard this same "old" Juggernog jingle on YouTube, (someone posted it), but I can't seem to find out how to listen to it here. How?